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NACSW FEO Information

Version 11.4, January 18, 2023

© Copyright 2023 National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC ®


For Exhibition Only (FEO)
When there is space available in the trial after all eligible entries are accommodated, a host may 
opt to take FEO entries which allows the teams to participate in the trial while not competing for a title at that trial.

Teams that might participate as FEO include:
• The dog has already earned that title level (for example the dog has earned their NW1 title, and the handler would like the dog to repeat the NW1 level to gain additional experience
• The dog has not completed the requirements to compete at a higher title level (for example the dog has earned their ORT title and the handler would like to participate in an NW2 trial).

• If one handler participates with two dogs in the same trial, for example two dogs handled by the same handler competing in the same NW2 trial on a single day.
• A handler wants to practice with a dog who is eligible for the event (this is ONLY an option if the host is accepting FEO entries)


The FEO option may be offered by trial hosts if space remains in their trials once all eligible entries have been accommodated. Refer to the event’s trial premium for specifics on whether a host is accepting FEO entries. FEO entries may be submitted during the trial entry period listed on the trial premium through the trial entry link. It is recommended including a note of the FEO request in the comments section of the online trial entry.

FEO entries must meet the Age, Health and Physical Requirements for Dogs and Handlers which apply to all participation in events.

Dogs participating as FEO are not eligible to receive titles or earn placement ribbons. FEO results will not be included in the posted trial results.

When participating as an FEO entry the handler may ask the search judge to provide verbal information regarding the number and location of the hide(s) in a search. This information sharing should not delay the start of the search. For NW3/Elite/Summit, handlers must ask for this information prior to or during the search. Information will not be given after the completion of the search. The completion of the search is defined as timing out, the ‘Finish’ call, or reaching
the limit of False Alerts. It is not an option to have the judge coach or provide feedback during the search.

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